Frequently Asked Questions

  • I just want my car fixed! Do I need an estimate?

Short answer, no! Don't waste time collecting estimates. Choose Olsen Auto Body to repair your car, give us a call and we'll help you. We will ask you a few questions to see if you qualify for a fast track repair!

  • Do you charge for estimates?

If you know you want your car fixed here at Olsen Auto Body you do not need an estimate! Just call us to schedule your FREE repair consultation to review the damage to your car for no charge.

  • Do I need to make an appointment for a repair consultation?

Yes, please call today and schedule an appointment for your free consultation. Or you can send us photos and save time with an online estimate. Click the "Request an Estimate" link below

  • How long will a repair consultation take?

Ask us today if you can skip a consultation all together and schedule your repair! If you do end up needing an repair consultation,  your in person scheduled appointment should take 20 to 30 minutes. Come in to the office to check in. An estimator will go out to your car with you so you can explain the damage and they will take some photos. The repair consultant will then head back into the office with you and you can sit in our waiting area while they write up the preliminary quote. After the quote is written, the repair consultant will go over the information with you in person, explaining method of repair, parts usage, cost of repair and length of time needed in the shop. Once you have discussed the preliminary quote, it’s time to schedule the repair!

  • Do I need an estimate from a shop if I already have an estimate from an insurance company?

No need for estimate! We will be able to use the insurance estimate as our starting place for repairs. If anything is missed by the insurance company, we will contact them when your car is in the shop and have anything additional approved by them so we can fix your car properly and you won’t have to do any other paper work. Just stop by with a copy of your insurance estimate and we can get you a date scheduled for you to drop your car off for repair.

  • Do you do online estimates so I don’t have to bring my car in?

We have an app available for smart phones that will allow you to send us details and pictures of your auto damage so we can write an estimate without having you take time out of your day to drive your car in. Click the "Request an Estimate" link to get started now!

  • How do I know if I should make an insurance claim?

Let us help you weigh your options. Call today for a free repair consultation. Once you know the estimated cost of repairs, we can help you decide if it would be worth it to file a claim. The choice is yours but we are here to help.

  • Do I have to use the body shop that my insurance company recommended?

No. The State of Washington law allows the owner of the vehicle to pick the shop of their choice. Your insurance company may recommend a specific shop for repairs, and they will warranty the work that shop does. We are on the programs of many major insurance companies, so your insurance may suggest Olsen Auto Body. We do work with ALL insurance companies and we provide a warranty on all our work for as long as you own the vehicle. We are here to help you whether or not we are on a special program with your company. The choice is always yours.

  • Is Olsen Auto Body on my insurance company’s preferred shops list?

We are a preferred shop for many major insurance companies. Call us today to see if your insurance is one of them. We will work with ALL insurance companies.

  • I had an accident with another vehicle, how do I know if I should use my insurance or their insurance company?

Click this link to our blog for lots of helpful tips on this subject: or-yours.html

  • My insurance company said they were going to send an adjuster out to look at my vehicle, what does that mean?

An insurance adjuster is an estimator that works for, or is hired by, an insurance company. Their job is to write an estimate and send that in to the insurance company with photos of the damage. If this is already set up, just wait until it’s done and ask the insurance adjuster for a copy of the estimate they are sending to the insurance company. Then you can bring the copy of that estimate into Olsen Auto Body and we will schedule you for repairs. We will then follow up with the insurance company to confirm they have approved the adjusters estimate, and to notify them if we find any additional damage when the car is in for repair. We will handle all subsequent paper work for you!

  • What about paying my insurance deductible?

Your insurance deductible is due when the repair to your vehicle is complete. Plan on paying the deductible to Olsen Auto Body when you pick up your car after your repair is complete. The insurance company will cover the rest.

  • My insurance company already sent me a check, what should I do with it?

Hold on to any checks your insurance company sends you, do not cash or deposit them. You can sign the checks over to Olsen Auto Body directly when your repair is complete. If we find any additional damage not covered in the initial insurance check, we will contact the insurance company to have the additional repairs approved and they will send us the remaining amount owed directly. If you already deposited the insurance check, we will need cash or cashier’s check for that exact amount when the repairs are complete (Personal check’s accepted for up to $500. Major credit cards accepted for up to $1,500).

  • How long will repairs take?

The length of repair is something we can go over when you have your repair consultation appointment. Every repair is very different and sometimes your repair length can change. We may find we need additional time if more damage is found when your car is in the shop for repairs and disassembled. In that event, we will contact the insurance company for approval on additional damage, update you on your status of repairs, and update your rental car if you have one. While we can’t promise a date your repairs will be completed, we can keep you updated as things progress with your repair.

  • What about a guarantee?

Olsen Auto Body warranties all the work we do for as long as you own your vehicle. Any questions about a repair we’ve done? Call us or stop in right away!

  • Will I get a rental car?

We can help you schedule a rental reservation for the day you drop your car for repairs. If your insurance covers it we can guide you through that process, if they don’t cover it we can get you a discounted rate from a nearby rental company. Check out our blog for more tips on dealing with accidents, insurance companies, estimates and repairs